​The tasks and requirements in plant construction are becoming more and more complex, which is why advice and service are indispensable today. MEIERLING offers its customers a wide range of services that form an integral part of the overall product range.

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Assembly | Installation

In order to prepare your fan for reliable continuous operation, we are of course happy to support you with installation and commissioning. Our service technicians monitor all work steps and then use measurements to ensure that the device is working properly. As a result, your MEIERLING fan is optimally set for reliable operation.


Inspection | Maintenance

Ventilators and blowers are usually in use around the clock and deliver top performance. To ensure the maximum reliability of our devices and to prevent breakdowns, MEIERLING offers one-off or regular inspections and maintenance. We can use measurements to determine the condition of wear parts or solve some problems directly on site during maintenance work.


Repair | Revision

MEIERLING not only manufactures new devices, but also overhauls and repairs existing devices. From simple work such as replacing the roller bearings and seals or balancing the impeller to more complex repairs such as re-insulating the insulating plug or replacing complete components with subsequent assembly and test run – at MEIERLING fans are brought back into working order. Of course, this also applies to third-party products.


Spare parts

Reliability and availability are important requirements for components in modern process plants. With MEIERLING spare parts, you always get the best quality so that the fan can reliably perform at its best. We guarantee the ability to deliver spare parts and components for decades in order to maximize the sustainability of our products.
Ask us, we will be happy to supply you with all spare parts, either reactively or preventively, in order to ensure the reliable operation of your device over the long term.



Operators of systems in which fans or ventilation components are used can have their maintenance personnel trained by MEIERLING. In our courses, knowledge of the basics of maintenance is imparted, exercises are carried out on operating facilities and the repair of minor faults is practiced in practice. You can obtain further information by telephone on
+49 (0) 77 63 92 31 0 or by e-mail toed.ne1719012538rotal1719012538itnev1719012538-gnil1719012538reiem1719012538@ofni1719012538 1719012538