A wide range
of services and offerings

The tasks and requirements in plant construction are becoming more and more complex, which is why advice and service are indispensable today. MEIERLING offers its customers a wide range of services that form an integral part of the overall product range.

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At MEIERLING, specialists from fan technology are available to advise you, who have in-depth detailed knowledge of flow and application technology and are also familiar with the special features and requirements of your industry.

In a joint discussion with you, the procedural processes are examined and then our experts then develop a solution concept.

In the course of project planning, we carry out a project specification and plan the project in individual steps – starting with the objective, which we define together with you, through the cornerstones of implementation, ongoing control within the project progress to the result-oriented final assessment.



Our engineers and technicians create the designs of the fans and components as 2D or 3D drawings and are able to read in the planning documents provided by the customer.

At MEIERLING, a responsible project manager is available for each project, who coordinates the exchange of information and the project steps according to the specifications and timeframes.



Quality comes first at MEIERLING, which is why MEIERLING has a large vertical range of manufacture. Fans and components for ventilation systems are largely manufactured by MEIERLING itself.

Purchased parts such as motors, electronic components and drive elements are procured from well-known manufacturers. A specialized partner company supplies lasered and preformed sheet metal parts.

Assembly work and final checks are carried out at MEIERLING according to an in-house quality assurance system.

Annealing as a service

Heat treatment is often required to eliminate material stresses from steel or stainless steel parts. MEIERLING has an annealing furnace with which parts with a diameter of up to 1400 mm and a height of up to 2 meters can be treated. As part of our service, we guarantee compliance with the required heating and cooling rates, carry out tests and provide you with working documentation on request.

Balancing as a service

For companies that do not have their own capacities, MEIERLING offers the balancing of rotors and units as a service. We carry out measurements in our balancing center and provide vibration logs on request. Our balancing service can be carried out either at our factory or at your site.



When modernizing systems, fans are often required that must not change in terms of installation dimensions, but must be equipped with modern technology. Whether it is about increasing the operating temperature, better sealing or an increase in performance: At MEIERLING we take old devices and construct replacement devices based on customer specifications, which can be seamlessly integrated into the process. And that in the usual MEIERLING quality.


Test bench measurements

In order to constantly improve our own impellers and their adjacent components such as inlet nozzles and volute casing and at the same time to be able to offer the optimal impeller for every application, measurements are taken at MEIERLING on the in-house test stand. This was developed together with the KIT Karlsruhe and offers the possibility to carry out standard-compliant measurements in a large performance range.
The volume flow, the pressure increase and the power consumption are measured in order to record the specific characteristic of the impeller. We also offer these measurements as a service for customers who need precise impeller characteristics.